Thirteen Years of Decadence

Clean Air - Dirty Living

We're now known as the TOO MUCH FUN Event!

Long story, ask if you see us

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The French Quarter

The French Quarter, aka The Garden District, aka the BlowAsis

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What sets Camp Crucible apart from all the other camp events, you might ask? It's the family. Yours, ours, and the general leather family. Don't believe us? Scroll down and read the reviews from that past 5 years. Also, we have, by far, the best staff - attendees ratio you'll ever encounter. We have 45 people on staff at this event, all clamoring to make your Camp Crucible experience the best you'll ever have. And year to year, they're highly successful. Don't be left behind.

Our vaunted staff... or most of them.

Camp Crucible 2010 Stsff

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After further thought, our scurvy crew heard enough stories and rumors to last... well a year. "We're in 'Nawlins, and you want us to leave before going to this PARTY? Mardi Gras?? Nope, we want to stick around here for another year and partake of the debachury on Bourbon Street!" So we are.

Join The Crucible Corsairs for an unforgettable, all-inclusive vacation of a lifetime.

This event is our 13th excursion that continues the tradition of our original Black Rose Camp in 1998 to the camp that knows us and welcomes the vast number of kinky and alternative events. The facilities are within easy driving distance of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, and points south. We're a mere hour's drive from both the Baltimore and Philly airports.

Return with us to our new camp that lends itself so to the Camp Crucible experience you've all come to know and expect.

Once you arrive you are free to shed all the accoutrements of the outside world and embrace the warmth, acceptance, and freedom of exploring your sexuality.

We have three options for you camping experience this year. Two four day "tracks", and "The Full Monty", 9 days and 8 nights. Each basic track includes: 5 days and 4 nights of meals, snacks, drinks, lodging, spa treatments, pool activities, special events, 24 hour dungeon and play spaces - both public and private, world class lectures, demos, and one-on-one instruction by top players from all over the nation . . . and even the Topless Taxis! We even have three world class camp stores for your fetish shopping experience. "The Full Monty" goes from Memorial Day Weekend, through the week, and concludes the following weekend. You only have to use four days of vacation time to come to the whole she-bang!

Our Special Events are designed to titillate and delight. Our presenters, staff, and crew have been devilishly busy for months dreaming and scheming new opportunities for you to explore and play. The overwhelming focus is FUN!

Want to enter our Mardi Gras parade? Only 10 teams will be allowed. Once you register and form your cabin group, you can sign up for the parade. You will be given a 2' x 4' heavy duty wagon on which you may build your float! Major Prizes for the winners!

So come join with the Crucible Corsairs and the swashbucklers.

This will be the best vacation of your life!

We guarantee it.

Camp photographer for Mardi Gras ~ Dean of Lens of Lust

All photography from Camp Crucible 2010 © by Total Discretion Photography & Camp Crucible

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You have to eat:

One of our promises to our campers is to feed you with spectacular food. No chicken cheesesteakes, or pizza squares, or "meal plans" that cost you extra.

Good fabulous comfort food that will sustain you for all your hard days and nights of debauchery !

We have two onsite chefs working for us, including the inestimable Paul who is returning, as well as teaching two classes on preparing and serving formal meals! Expect to be dazzled by the food.

Don't believe me?

Here's our MENU for this year.Formal Dinner Tables


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